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SKF Oil seals are designed to seal the opening between two components. These are either a rotating and stationary component or two components in relative motion. Also known as shaft and lip seals, they keep contaminants out of the crucial components in your equipment. The main functions of oil seals are to retain lubricant, keep contaminants out, seal under pressure, and separate two different media.

Effective oil seals should operate with minimal friction, even under extreme conditions. To meet the requirements of a variety of different applications, SKF Oil Seals are manufactured in many different sizes and materials. Each of these have specific properties that make them suitable for particular applications.

Types of SKF Oil Seals

Radial Shaft Seals: Used between rotating and static components, radial shaft seals provide sealing for the shaft. Made with an elastomeric lip and steel case, they form an air-tight seal to block and expel debris. SKF offers many designs and lip materials of different temperatures, speeds, and chemicals.

Speedi/Wear Sleeve Seals: Engineered for both light and heavy-duty applications, SKF wear sleeves allow for a new seal without disassembly. Designed to slip over the shaft, the SKF Speedi-Sleeve allows the original-sized seal to be used. For heavy-duty applications, SKF Wear Sleeves work on existing shafts in addition to larger seals or those that have been trimmed to a smaller size.

Mudblock/Cassette Seals: SKF Mudblock cassette-style seals are designed to reduce the ingress of foreign materials like mud and dust. They are mainly used for combines, tractors, and construction or forestry equipment. These seals reduce wear on your parts by creating a grease-filled chamber with several sealing lips.

Track Pin Seals: Track pin seals are engineered for use in oil lubricated track chains in off-highway applications. They utilize a polyurethane sealing ring and nitrile energizer to protect from the ingress of foreign material. SKF also offers a heavy-duty Trackstar with a metal reinforcement ring molded into the polyurethane for extreme operating conditions.

SKF Cross Reference Guide

SKF Cross Reference Guide

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Use our quick reference guide to help identify the SKF oil seals you need.



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