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Grizzly Supplies Ltd. Since 1998

Working in close cooperation with our customers, suppliers and manufacturing partners, we are creating cost-effective, custom sealing solutions for hydraulic and other fluid sealing systems. 

Our main competitive edge is our high competence within the fields of sealing technology, enabling us to create the best results for each customer, tailored to your application and working environment. 

Our Customers Come First

Grizzly Sealing Specialist's fully-stocked warehouse

Grizzly Supplies Ltd. works in partnership with our customers to develop sealing solutions and long-term relationships, this is an important factor to succeed and build trust. Sealing requirements are therefore based on the specific technical, logistical, and service requirements of each customer. 


Tier1 Sealing Solutions

Tier1 is a key word when describing our products. For our OEM and replacement sealing products, we offer Tier 1 parts at economical prices which enables us to provide our customers with a full and efficient service.

With products sourced from reputable suppliers, we choose the highest quality products produced by them when creating your seals and other sealing solutions. This allows us to provide you with a total sealing solution that features the best of each supplier's parts. Along with outsourcing, we collaborate with selected manufacturing associates, their assistance allows us to manufacture products to our specifications without the initial overhead of expensive equipment and idle production time, thus passing the savings on to the customer.

Our machine shop is equipped with manual lathes, mills, rubber presses and CNC capabilities. The machine shop allows for fast turnaround time for hard-to-find parts, preventing long down times. We offer prototyping and small to medium production runs on our CNC machines and rubber presses as an alternative for costly molds at the beginning, or until such volume is needed for the part.

Our products and machining billets are from many different companies and countries from around the world.


Environment and Society

Quality sealing systems stop or minimize leakage and damage to our environment.

Grizzly follows strategic actions with each customer that reflect our environmental stewardship, enabling us to contribute effectively to minimizing hydraulic systems or any sealing application's negative environmental footprint. Our steps towards environmental responsibility include:

  1. Collaborating with our customers.
  2. Developing and improving our sealing systems.
  3. Ensuring the use of suitable seal materials and configurations. 
  4. Understanding the working environment- ranging from tropical heat to arctic cold- along with harsh environments and the applications. 

Where to Find Us

Grizzly Supplies LTD. has been serving international audiences from our two North American locations for over two decades.  Founded in 1998, our head office located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and we proudly have a second branch in Tukwila, Washington, USA.   

The vast size of Canada and the USA has allowed us to take part in many different sealing applications from: Open pit mining, forestry, construction, manufacturing, marine and factory environments. We have enhanced and solved sealing issues with many customers locally. We also export globally, working with our valued vendors and customers in many different countries internationally to develop effective solutions. 

What's The Best Sealing Solution For You?

Our team is here to help you find the perfect fit for all your sealing needs.

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