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Grizzly Supplies has been a reputable dealer and manufacturer of the highest quality sealing products since 1998. We have been proudly serving customers around the world with hydraulic sealing products from the most trusted brands such asa SAP, Hallite, and SKF. Our selection of sealing products ranges from face seals, hydraulic seals, seal kits and so much more. We strive to provide our customers with peak service and product quality standards catered to their equipment and its applications. With over 37,000 uniquely designed sealing products to choose from, we help our customers keep their equipment running productively.

Custom u-cups from Grizzly Supplies sealing products

Whether you’re looking for a standard replacement seal or a custom formula, we can help. At Grizzly Supplies, we work to build relationships not only with our customers but also with world-class suppliers to provide you with the finest products on the market. Understanding what your equipment is being used for and what it needs to function most efficiently is part of our process to offer you the best suitable sealing products. Our experienced team specializes in different types of equipment and applications, which helps us accurately identify your needs.

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Unmatched Quality of Sealing Products for Your Equipment, Every Time!

We not only sell the best quality seals on the market; we also customize sealing products. This means that you get highly specialized sealing products specifically designed for your equipment and application needs. Whether you need sealing products for a specific size or need them in materials that can withstand extreme conditions, you can rely on Grizzly Supplies. Our customized sealing products are built to fit your machine to a “T”, and you are guaranteed the same precision every time.

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