Tier1 Replacement John Deere® Face Seals

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As the core distributor for SAP mechanical face seals, Grizzly provides a full range of Tier1 replacement products for almost any model of John Deere® equipment. From final drives on excavators to wet disc braking systems on haul trucks, we have the floating seals for your application.

For OEM’s who are looking to lower costs or stabilize their supply without sacrificing quality, parts distributors who need quality and availability or re-builders who need tier one mechanical face seals quickly and cost effectively, Grizzly has the SAP face seals they need.

John Deere Face Seals | John Deere Mechanical Face SealsGrizzly Supplies Provides:

  • Two North American Stocking Locations
  • Seals Available in Cast or Forged Materials
  • In-House Engineering and Design Capabilities
  • ISO Certified Face Seals in Sizes up to 1100mm
  • O-Ring Loaders Available in Silicone, NBR, or HNBR Material
  • Hundreds of John Deere® Final Drive and Drive Axle Cross References

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John Deere face seals are also referred to as Duo Cones, Lifetime Seals, Floating Seals, Heavy Duty Seals, Face Seals,  and Toric Seals, Grizzly Supplies offers quality replacement mechanical face seals for all applications. Learn more…

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