Face Seal for Forestry Equipment

Face Seal for Forestry Equipment

Specifically engineered for heavy duty, rotating forestry applications, SAP face seals are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear. Consisting of two seal rings mounted face-to-face in separate housings, each metal ring is centered within the housing by elastomeric element. One half of the SAP face seal always remains static in the housing, while the other half rotates and seals on the lapped surfaces.

Our line of SAP face seals are designed for use in the transmissions, pumps, axles, wet braking systems, rollers, and final drives of forestry equipment. Designed for extraordinary wear-resistance, they have been developed with special cast iron materials. Grizzly’s SAP forestry equipment face seals have proven beneficial in gear boxes, feller bunchers, skidders, harvesters, and loggers requiring maintenance-free lifetime sealing.

Face Seals for Forestry EquipmentSAP Tier1 Forestry Equipment Face Seals:

  • ISO Certified SAP Face Seals
  • Available in Sizes up to 1100mm
  • In-House Engineering and Design Capabilities
  • Just-In-Time Inventory Programs for OEM/OES’s
  • Experienced Team with Years of Industry Knowledge
  • Hundreds of Cross References on File for all Forestry Equipment

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