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Specifically engineered for heavy duty, rotating applications, SAP Face Seals are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear. They consist of two identical metal seal rings mounted face-to-face in separate housings, and each metal ring is centered within its housing with an elastomeric element. This allows one half of the SAP face seal to remain static in the housing, while the other half rotates and seals on the lapped surfaces.

Designed for use in transmissions, pumps, axles, wet braking systems, rollers, and final drives; these seals are developed using special cast iron materials resulting in extraordinary wear-resistance. SAP Face seals have proven beneficial in gearboxes, mixers, stirrers, wind-driven power stations as well as other applications requiring maintenance-free lifetime sealing.

Whether you are running construction equipment, agricultural equipment, mining machinery, tracked vehicles or other applications – Grizzly Supplies has the right sealing solution for your needs.

Dimensional Face Seal Reference Guide

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Use our quick reference guide to help identify face seals by dimension and material composition.

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