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Stamped and Hand Cut Gaskets

Grizzly Supplies provides stamped and hand cut gaskets for water, oil, fuel, and chemical applications. Many of these applications require custom gaskets for precise sealing. We specialize in working with customers to develop the right gasket for their application.

Our team will work with your samples or drawings and can even visit your application to see where the gasket fits. This enables us to determine the right type of material to use and ensures that we produce the right gasket for your specific application. We offer stamped and hand cut gaskets in both small and large batches and can store your gaskets in our facility so they are always on hand when you need them.

Grizzly Supplies Can:

  • Produce gaskets in all sizes
  • Work with extreme temperature and pressure applications
  • Analyze old gasket material to determine the right material to use when reproducing
  • Produce gaskets in paper, elastomer blends, general purpose and FG Compounds, hi-temp, PTFE/graphite blends

Grizzly Supplies Offers:

  • Fast turn-around times
  • Bonding of layers to provide thicker gaskets
  • Large and small batches that we store and keep on hand for you

How easy is it to get a quote on stamped or hand cut gaskets?

We work hard to earn your business. Our team is on hand to answer your call or respond to your email and we will get back to you quickly.

Email us or Call us right now at 1-877-505-0155.

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