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Custom Seals and Machined Parts

Our machine shop allows us to create custom seals and custom machined parts for all types of equipment. Using our lathes, milling machines, and drill presses, we can craft unique seals to your exact specifications. By designing and developing your custom part, we can then add it to our inventory for all future orders.

Custom Seals from Grizzly Supplies

Parts for Any Application: We specialize in reproducing both large and small quantities of the products you need. Whether you need one machined seal or one hundred, we can deliver. Our staff can replicate old samples and hard part dimensions or create parts to fit over-bored and re-bored cylinders.

Grizzly Supplies offers a full selection of custom machined parts including:

– U-Cups

– Piston Seals

– Shims

– Wear Rings

– Modular Bearings

– Buffer Rings

– Rotary Seals

– Swivel Seals

– Bushings

– Wipers

– Ball Valve Seals

– Vee-Packing Adapters

– Back-Up Rings

– And Many More

Custom Materials: We understand that different temperatures and environments can increase wear and tear. Some materials excel in sub-zero temperatures, others work better in environments with extreme heat. We have a wide range of material available to use when creating your custom machined products. This allows us to tailor our products to perform optimally for any application you need.

Our custom machined parts and custom seals are available in the following materials:

– Nylon

– Delrin


– Urethane

– Aluminum/Bronze

– Teflon

– Virgin and Filled


– Moly/Glass

– Carbon

– Carbon/Graphite

– Bronze

– And Many More

Fast Results: At Grizzly Supplies we treat your downtime as though it were our own. Our experienced staff excels at developing high-quality, cost-effective parts quickly. This ensures that you’re getting the parts you need as soon as possible. For more information on our custom seals, call us today at the number below!

You can email us here, or call us right now at 1-877-505-0155

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