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An energy plant and a pile of custom gaskets from Grizzly Supplies

Custom Gaskets

When working with water, oil, fuel, or chemical applications, you need precise sealing with custom gaskets. That’s why Grizzly Supplies offers tailored sealing solutions with our custom stamped and hand-cut gaskets. We make gaskets of any size and can even bond multiple layers together to create thicker products. When you need rubber, elastomeric, or composite gaskets for any application, we’ve got you covered.

What Does Grizzly Provide with Custom Rubber Gaskets?

Custom Materials: We have a variety of materials for our gaskets to ensure they’ll work in any situation and industry. Some materials are simply better suited for certain tasks and environments than others. Some stand up well to extreme temperatures, others work better with harsh chemicals. Our team understands the breakdown of what material will work best for your application.

Our gaskets are available in materials such as:

  • Elastomer Blends
  • FG Compounds
  • PTFE
  • Graphite
  • Paper
  • Rubber Blends

Customer Focused Service: Our team can work with your old samples and drawings for reference. We can even visit your site to determine exactly which material to use. This ensures that the gaskets we produce will offer a precise fit for your equipment. After we develop your gasket, we store them in our warehouse for all future orders, large and small. When you need a custom rubber gasket, we get you exactly what you need the first time.

Contact our team to get a quote on custom solutions for gaskets today! We understand that when you need sealing solutions you need them fast. That’s why we treat your business like our own. We work hard to get your order to you with a fast turn-around time. This helps to reduce your downtime, while our quality products maximize uptime for your equipment.

Email us or Call us right now toll-free at 1-877-505-0155 for more information on our gaskets.

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