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Manufacturing equipment bottle assembly line

Manufacturing Equipment Seals

Your manufacturing facility operates 24/7. This means that, when equipment goes down, it can put the entire operation on hold until it is fixed. At Grizzly Supplies, we understand that eliminating downtime is vital for maintaining your productivity and meeting your targets. That’s why we specialize in providing custom sealing solutions for your manufacturing equipment quickly. This allows you to get your operation back on track as soon as possible.

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Seal Kits for Manufacturing Equipment Types

We offer seals for the following types of equipment:

  • Assembly
  • Casting
  • Conditioning
  • Finishing
  • Forming
  • Molding
  • Separating
  • Welding
  • And More!

What does the manufacturing industry do?

The manufacturing industry is based on the production (fabrication, processing, preparation etc.) of goods or products. Some sub sectors of this industry include apparel, electronic, metal fabrication etc.

Applications in the manufacturing industry are diverse. Your equipment is forced to withstand everything from extreme pressures to high temperatures and harsh chemicals. That is why you need your sealing products to work efficiently during every stage of the manufacturing process. From casting to finishing, our experts understand the materials that work best for each part of the process. From silicone and PTFE seals, to metal face options, we have materials for every application. We even offer a full line of standard and custom Huskey specialty lubricants to further reduce wear and tear.

Choosing Grizzly for All Your Manufacturing Equipment Seals

Manufacturing Equipment Seals that Work For You
If you are having trouble finding the correct product to work with your manufacturing equipment, we can help! At Grizzly Supplies machine shop, we can design and create custom machined seals to your exact specifications. So, if it’s not in stock, we can make it for you. Need it shipped quickly? That’s what we aim for! We will work with you to get your sealing products to you before your deadline. Additionally, once a custom seal has been designed and made, we can keep it in stock for all future orders.

Quality That Counts
Your manufacturing equipment seal kits and face seals have been created with the highest standards of quality in mind. From the design stage all the way to the rigorous testing phase, they have been designed and tested to withstand heavy-duty and demanding environments. So, if you choose Grizzly Supplies for your casting sealing system, you can rest easy knowing you have the best solution out there.

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