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Seal Kits and Face Seals for Every Industry

Diverse Product Mix: At Grizzly Supplies, we understand the diverse requirements of various industries. That’s why we stock thousands of face seals and replacement seals. This allows us to create a diverse selection of seal kits that can be tailored to any operating environment.

Custom Material for Your Environment: Selecting the right material for your seals is critical to ensure they perform optimally in your application. Depending on your environment, seals must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, or harsh chemicals. At Grizzly Supplies, we can customize your seals and seal kits to your working environment. This ensures a reliable and longer-lasting seal, maximizing uptime for your equipment.

Two face seals from Grizzly Supplies seal kits

Face Seals

Grizzly Supplies carries a full line of premium SAP face seals. As an ISO certified manufacturer, SAP has been proven to deliver high-quality. Created in a state-of-the-art facility, these seals are extensively tested for quality assurance. We offer a wide variety of these high-performance seals in sizes as large as 1100 mm.

From haul trucks in the construction industry to wind turbines in the energy sector, we can supply the right face seals to keep your equipment running. Contact our team today for more information!

A seal kit from Grizzly Supplies

Seal Kits

Whether you’re working in mining or food and beverage production, we have the perfect seal kits for your equipment. If you need an individual seal or a complete seal kit, Grizzly Supplies has you covered with over 37,000 unique SKU numbers.

When you work with applications that have specific requirements, our team can customize your seal kits to meet them. From freezing temperatures and high pressure, to long run times and corrosive chemicals, we’ve got you covered.

Supported Industries

Face Seals for Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Equipment

Seals and Seal Kits

Seal Kits for Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment

Face Seals for Energy and Utility Equipment

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Seals and Seal Kits

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Seal Kits for Intermodal Equipment

Intermodal Equipment

Seal Kits for Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment

Face Seals for Mining Equipment

Mining Equipment

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