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Machined Seals

Are you looking for a sealing system that is specific to your particular application? Having trouble finding what you are looking for? Our machine shop allows us to custom-make machined products. Using our lathes, milling machines, and drill presses, we can manufacture seals to your exact specifications.

What are custom machined seals?

Custom machined seals are seals that have been tailored specifically to someone’s particular requirement. This option is helpful for anyone that is having difficulty finding a sealing solution off the shelf and for modified hydraulic cylinders.

Grizzly Supplies Machine Shop

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Custom Machined Seals

We specialize in reproducing both large and small size seals. So, if you need one machined seal or one hundred, we can deliver! Our staff can replicate old samples or make the seal from your hard part dimensions. Parts can be made from over-sized cylinders or under-sized rods. Grizzly Supplies offers a full selection of custom machined parts that includes:

custom machined u-cup


custom machined piston seals

Piston Seals

custom machined shims


custom machined wear ring strip

Wear Rings

custom machined modular bearing


custom machined buffer ring

Buffer Rings

custom machined rotary seals

Rotary Seals

custom machined bushing


custom machined wiper


a few custom back-up rings from Grizzly Supplies

Back-Up Rings

With Grizzly Supplies machine shop, we are able to create custom machined seals that will fit your cylinders regardless of the size. Interested in learning more? Please speak to a sealing specialist.

Customized Materials for All Seals Types

Need a seal to withstand extreme temperatures? We understand that different temperatures and environments can increase wear and tear. Some materials excel in sub-zero temperatures, others work better in environments with extreme heat. We have a wide range of materials available to use when creating your custom machined products. This allows us to tailor our products to perform optimally for any application you need for every industry. So, whether you require a custom u-cup seal or a custom modular bearing seal, we have what you need! Our customed machined parts and custom seals are available in the following materials:

Machined seal materials on a shelf in Grizzly Supplies' machine shop
  • Viton Seals
  • EPDM Seals
  • Metal Seals
  • Nylon Seals
  • HNBR Seals
  • NBR Seals
  • Delrin Seals
  • PEEK Seals
  • Urethane Seals
  • Aluminum/Bronze Seals
  • Teflon Seals
  • Virgin and Filled Seals
  • PTFE Seals
  • Moly/Glass Seals
  • Carbon Seals
  • Graphite Seals
  • Bronze Seals
  • Neoprene Rubber Seals
  • And Many More!

We know that certain industries expect a lot out of their equipment. Anywhere from extreme outdoor settings or weather to tricky environments, your equipment is expected to keep up the pace. Grizzly Supplies is dedicated to making their custom machined seals with the same standards in mind. We offer heat resistant seals and low temperature seals that are designed to weather any type of environmental challenge. With our high temperature sealing materials, we create high quality seals that are built to last.

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At Grizzly Supplies, your downtime is treated like our downtime. Our experienced staff excel at developing high-quality, cost-effective custom parts quickly. This means that you are getting the parts you need as soon as possible. By having two warehouses in North America, we can also provide fast shipping! Ready to learn more about our custom machined seals? Because we are ready to get your custom solution out the door and into your hands as quickly as possible!

Extensive Seal Reference Guides
Having trouble figuring out exactly what you need? That’s okay! Our seal kit reference guides have extensive information that might help. Check out our seal kit literature and manuals for more information.

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