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Liebherr® Seal Kits

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of high performance aftermarket Liebherr seal kits. These kits are available for the full range of Liebherr Heavy Equipment. From Liebherr Haul Trucks to Mining Shovels, we can help increase your uptime and lower your fleet costs.

Grizzly Supplies offers:

  • High performance aftermarket seal kits that use only the highest quality seals and components.
  • A wide selection of Liebherr seal kits in stock and available now!
  • Next day delivery on Liebherr seal kits all over North America
  • Trained Parts Professionals who share the same sense of urgency that you do.

How easy is it to get a quote from Grizzly Supplies?

Just call us or email us your request and our professional parts staff will get back to you quickly. We will work hard to earn your business.

Call us right now at 1-877-505-0155.


What Kind of Liebherr Seal Kits do We Offer?

Liebherr Haul Truck Seal Kits

  • Hoist seal kit
  • Front suspension seal kit
  • Rear suspension seal kit
  • Steering seal kit
  • Brake accumulator seal kit
  • Steering accumulator seal kit

Liebherr Mining Shovel Seal Kits

  • Boom seal kit
  • Bucket seal kit
  • Stick seal kit
  • Level seal kit
  • Clam seal kit

Liebherr Rod Seal

Liebherr Piston Seal

Liebherr Rod Wiper

Liebherr Scrapyard Grapple Seal Kits

Liebherr Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits

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